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Orthodox Church to help Challenging Obesity

Minsk, April 6, Interfax - The growing number of people suffering from obesity is a direct consequence of society's secularism, the Priest Alexander Pronin, a cleric in the Joy of All, Who Sorrow Holy Mother Icon Orthodox church in Minsk said.

Due to secularization, people get primary joy not from their communication with God, but rather from satisfying their worldly and bodily needs, for example, consuming too much food. Father Alexander said, however, that the Orthodox Church can help people in fighting their obesity.

The sacrament of confession and communion gives people a chance to see their sin of gluttony and mend their ways. Fasting teaches sick people to be reasonable with food, Fr. Alexander is quoted as saying by the church website.

Over one billion people suffer from obesity today. According to the World Health Organization estimate, this number will increase by 500 million in 2015.


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