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Kyiv Theological Academy, Ophthalmologists' Association and All-Ukraine public organization "Ukrainian Medical Union" have organized a joint action dedicated to the International Glaucoma day, in the course of which the students and teachers of the Kyiv Theological Schools learnt more of glaucoma - eye disease with no pain symptoms, which makes progress all the time and caused irreversible process - the blindness. Since the priests communicate with population, especially the elderly people, the knowledge about this treacherous disease will help them insure their parishioners from disaster.

In the course of the action "Preserve Eyesight Together" the leading ophthalmologists performed diagnostics of glaucoma among the professorial and pedagogical staff and the Seminary students of the Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary. The action was headed by the chief ophthalmologist of the health Ministry of Ukraine, member of the All-Ukraine public organization "Ukrainian Medical Union", doctor of medicine professor Sergey Rykov.

In the evening there was a briefing for mass-media representatives with the participation of professor Sergey Rykov, vice-rector on pedagogical work of KTA&S, chairman of the Synodal Department for Charity and Social Ministry of the UOC Archdeacon Sergety Kosovsky, the teacher of the KTA&S archpriest Dionisy Martyshyn.

After the briefing S.Rykov gave a lecture "Glaucoma and its prevention' to the students and teachers of the Kyiv Theological Schools.

Opening the briefing, Archdeacon Sergey Kosovsky and the teacher of the KTA&S archpriest Dionisy Martyshyn underscored the importance of cooperation between the Church and medical workers in the field of social work with population of Ukraine. "No doubt, one cannot feel the joy of life, doesn't feel oneself a sound member of society, having serious health problems", archpriest Dionisy Martyshyn addressed the journalists. Therefore the being of modern man becomes a subject for investigation of the Church and the scientists at various conferences and workshops, and with this purpose we have introduced in the Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary the subject of Christian Social Doctrine within the framework of the theological subjects.


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