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When a Church is in need…God Answers

Coptic Orthodox Mission

The Coptic Mission took the opportunity to answer God’s call and serve our Coptic brothers and sisters in Tala. Harvesting season this year yielded the worst crop the locals have seen in years. The drought has left many families from our 4 thriving churches in Tala without food. The Coptic Mission knew it had to act, and act swiftly, for it’s not enough for a church to provide spiritual food while neglecting the people’s physical needs. Jesus said, “I have compassion on the crowd because they have been with me now three days and have nothing to eat. And I am unwilling to send them away hungry” (Matthew 15:32).

The Coptic Mission made 2 separate trips to Tala, 50Km outside of Nairobi. The first trip provided the congregation with flour and yoghurt, not to mention sweets for the many excited children that gathered around. In total, we distributed 1200 cups of yoghurt and over 700 Kg of flour. The people of Tala welcomed us into their churches with arms wide open, singing that surely reached heaven and dancing that came from a heart of joy. Out of the many faces that we saw was Beatrice, a widow taking care of 4 orphans. On Sunday morning, she was asking God for a way to feed her children. She wondered who she would borrow from this time, since she had already borrowed from all her friends. She decided to go to church first, pray, and then maybe God would tell her where to go for help. Beatrice literally shed tears so of joy when she saw the food being distributed. She couldn’t wait to share her story with Father Joseph and rejoice together in God’s abundant love for his flock!

The second trip to Tala provided locals with urgently needed medical care. Approximately 40 missionaries, joined by Father Makary, went on the trip with a heart to give and a longing to serve. Of the 40, we had a doctor, a nurse, a paramedic, and a pharmacist. Thanks to God’s grace, we were able to see over 80 men, women and children. We treated them, measured their vitals and provided a hygiene station where we gave away toothbrushes and toothpaste, and showed them how to use them of course! A number of servants helped with the paperwork, others gave spiritual talks to those in the waiting area, and the remaining accompanied Father Makary and Father Joseph on home visitations to the houses in the mountain nearby. Although, there is a clinic close by, it’s much too expensive for anyone to afford and their pharmacy is rarely restocked. Having a medical team come to their church especially for them, with free medical care and free medicine was a dream come true.

The people said that they feel a difference when their church cares for them. God has graced His Coptic Mission to be able to show them His love and compassion.


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