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Russian Church should be as influential as Vatican – expert

Moscow, February 17, Interfax – One of the new Patriarch of Moscow and new Russia tasks should be turning the Russian Church in an organization as effective as Vatican, Head of the Ukraine branch of the CIS-countries Institute Kirill Frolov believes.

“When we say that the Russian Orthodox Church should be as influential as Vatican, it’s quite normal – not only in quality, intellect and spirit, but in quantity as well,” he said at a round table on Monday. Frolov, who is also the head of the Moscow branch of the Union of Orthodox citizens, reminded that there’s about a billion Catholics. “We have every right to say that we need our Orthodox billion,” the expert said.

According to him, such quantitative indicator is possible “only with demographic revenge of Russian people and active Orthodox missionary work.” “Conservative Christians of the West, who face Protestant crisis with its degeneration – blessing of homosexual marriages and women priests”, can constitute the other part of the “Orthodox billion”.

“In this context I oppose the Russian Church walking out of the World Council of Churches as it gives a great missionary platform,” Frolov said.


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