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Department of Human Resource Management for Indian Orthodox Church

His Holiness Baselious Marthoma Didymus I has graciously taken a positive step to activate the Department of Human Resource Management of our Church. Though the department had been functioning in an organized manner, somehow it became defunct over the years. It is a glad news that now a full time office has been opened at the Catholicate Aramana exclusively for the HRM.


1. To seek and find out the potentialities of our Church members and fruitfully utilize them for the growth and development of the Church.
2. To organize periodic meetings, seminars, camps, workshops and other programs on a central and/or regional level.
3. To identify the exceptionally brilliant students in our Church and give them ample opportunities and platform for their growth.
4. To provide all possible assistance including financial help for the talented but financially weak students.
5. To organize and conduct various orientation classes and programs for the upcoming and aspiring candidates in various professional fields.
6. To avail the professional competence of our Church members in different realms of activity of the Church.
7. To create and maintain a database at the Church headquarters of all our Priests and members.

We hope that with the blessings of the Almighty, the patronage and prayer of His Holiness the Catholicos and our bishops and with the whole hearted support and co-operation of our reverend priests and all our beloved people across the globe, we shall be able to edify a well organized and well-knit Human Resource Department in our Church. You are welcome to send us your valuable suggestions and comments on this matter. Our e-mail ID

Requesting your prayers and co-operation.
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Yours in His service,

Fr. P.A. Philip


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