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Manjinikkara, Pathanmthitta District Kerala State-India 13th Feb 2009: Manjinikkara hill situated near to the town of Pathanmathitta, turned into a sea of humanity as tens of thousands of believers from different parts of the State congregated there to offer prayers at the tomb of St. Elias III as part of the Holy Father’s 77th Dukrono feast on Friday.

Pilgrims walked barefoot hundreds of miles, all the way to Manjinikkara in processions from different parishes from across the state. People from other religious faiths too have been undertaking the pilgrimage to the saint’s tomb. Free stalls to serve the pilgrims with refreshments were seen at different points on the wayside of various roads leading to Manjinikkara Dayro. Hundreds of devotees from other parts of India also participated in the pilgrimage.

When the pilgrims reached Omallur junction near Manjinikkara Dayro, a traditional welcome was given to them under the leadership of Mor Severios Malke Mourad, the Metropolitan of Jerusalem & Jordan dioceses who came here as the delegate to His Holiness the Patriarch of Antioch & All the East. The Metropolitan was accompanied by Mor Divanasious Geevarghese, the Abbot of Manjinikkara Dayro, Mor Athanasius Geevarghese, the Assistant Metropolitan of Simhasana churches, the Archbishop of Knanaya diocese and the Metropolitans of Niranam, Kollam, Thumpamon and Bangalore dioceses. For the next few hours, the Manjinikkara Dayro and its premises were seen flooded with tens of thousands of devotees.

At 5.30 pm a public meeting was held at the Dayro premises as part of the 77th annual pilgrimage year. Mor Divanasious Geevarghese, the Metropolitan of Manjinikkara Dayro welcomed the honorable guests and the faithful. Mr.Mathew T Thomas, the Minister of State for Transport, inaugurated the meeting by lighting the traditional lamp.

The function was presided over by Mor Philexinos Yuhanon, the Metropolitan of Malabar diocese. The key note address was delivered by Mor Severios Malke Mourad, the patriarchal delegate and Metropolitan of Jerusalem & Jordan dioceses after which the Metropolitan officially inaugurated, the new internet television channel of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church. Metropolitans, priests and local government authorities also spoke on the occasion.

On Saturday 14th at 3 a.m., a holy tri-mass will be offeered at the St. Stephens’ Cathedral, Manjinikkara by Mor Milithios Yuhanon of Thumpamon diocese followed by a holy tri-Mass led by Mor Theodosius Mathews of Kollam diocese at the St. Ignatius Dayro church at 5.30 am. The 77th Dukrono feast of St. Elias III will come to an end with the celebration of Holy Qurbono by the patriarchal delegate Mor Severios Malke Mourad at 8.30 a.m. in the Dayro church followed by prayers at the tomb of St. Elias III.

This year a 30-member delegation from Sweden and Jerusalem is accompanying the patriarchal delegate to participate in the dukrono of St. Elias III.



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