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The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church,regarding the suggestion of the new Statute of AP of Vojvodina, addressed to Prof. Dr Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, which letter we convey here in whole, expressing serious concern for the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia.

For the same reason, the letter was also sent to the President of the Republic of Serbia and the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

" Honorable Mrs. Djukic-Dejanovic

As the guardian of the Serbian spiritual being for centuries and also the Serbian national identity even in times when there was no Serbian state, the Serbian Orthodox Church expresses deep worry for the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, which has been heavily jeopardized , we hope temporarily, by the extortion and the occupation of Kosovo and Metohija and now by an attempt to create from the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina a new state within the stateof Serbia. This would be done by suggesting the new Statute of the AP of Vojvodina which gives it unconstitutionally also following attributes of the state:

- The right to sign international treaties in areas of its jurisdiction (ius contrahendi);

- The right to found its missions abroad, especially in Bruxelles (ius representationis) ;

- The right, taken by usurpation, of the Assembly of Vojvodina to bring laws

Furthermore, it is unconstitutional to found the Vojvodina academy of sciences and arts, done with an intention to give Vojvodina Serbs a special national identity.

Asfor this proposition of the Statute of the AP of Vojvodina starts new dismembering and a destruction of already a small and crippled Serbian state,by the decision of the Holy Synod of Bishops and on behalf of His Holiness Patriarch Pavle of Serbia and all fullness of the Serbian Orthodox Church, we ask You to bring our letter and request during the session of the Assembly, inwhich is going to be discussed about this issue, and with a hope that the representatives will pay due attention to it and will seize their support to this unconstitutional act.

With a hope that You will do all Your best, what Your Assembly and Your constitution oblige You, in order to save the territorial integrity and internal unity of the state, receive expression of our true gratitude".


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