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Dr. Karine Sargsian Granted the Order of St. Gregory the Illuminator

On May 3, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, granted the Order of St. Gregory the Illuminator to Dr. Karine Sargsian of Yerevan, Armenia, for her philanthropic endeavors and service to the Armenian people. In 2008, the St. Vartan and St. Hovhannes Mkrtich (John the Baptist) Baptistery was built in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin through the generosity of Dr. Sargsian and her brother, Ambassador Armen Sargsian of London, England.
His Grace Bishop Arshak Khachatrian, Chancellor of the Mother See welcomed Dr. Sargsian and her family as the ceremony commenced. Ambassador Sargsian presented biographical notes about his sister, Karine, and expressed his joy that the Armenian Church and His Holiness were recognizing Dr. Sargsian for her work as a physician and philanthropist.

Bishop Arshak then read the Pontifical Encyclical, by which the Order of St. Gregory is awarded. It reads in part, "…For many years, as a cardiologist, you have used your scientific knowledge and medical skills with all devotion and care in restoring the health of your community. You have contributed to the advancement of health care and new developments in the medical industry. In addition to your important professional mission, you are vigilant in your endeavors for the welfare and progress of the spiritual and ecclesiastical life of our faithful. Together with your brother, Ambassador Armen Sargsian, you made it possible to construct the new baptistery for the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The St. Vartan and St. Hovhannes Baptistery will serve the spiritual life of our nation, since the newest members of the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church, born spiritually from the font of this baptistery, and receiving the graces of the Holy Spirit through Holy Muron, will be strengthened with faith and love, becoming loyal and true followers of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Gospel".

Following the reading of the Encyclical, the Pontiff of All Armenians bestowed Dr. Sargsian with the highest award of the Armenian Church - the Order of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, and presented her with the medal of St. Gregory.

Dr. Sargsian thanked His Holiness for the honor, expressing her desire that the newly-built baptistery would meet the spiritual needs of Armenia and that thousands of children and adults would be baptized there, transforming into the new faithful sons and daughters of our Church and Nation. Dr. Sargsian pledged to continue her service, in her love of God and the Armenian Church.

The ceremony closed with congratulatory remarks and blessings of His Holiness, who expressed his gratitude to Dr. Sargsian for her dedicated service, skilled contributions in her field of healthcare, inspiring endeavors on behalf of the nation, and the enhancement and reinforcement of the Armenian Church. The Pontiff of All Armenians urged her to continue in her devoted mission with pride and virtue.


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