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Moscow, May 6, Interfax – Victory in World War II would have been impossible without special protection from the Lord, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes.

“World War II finished exactly on this day (of St. George the Victory-Bearer – IF.) The very fact of such coincidence was a sign because the events of those terrible times in many ways reveal the mystery of Divine mercy to us,” the Patriarch has said on Wednesday after Divine Liturgy in St. George church at Poklonnaya Gora.

He cited the data saying that 26 700 thousand people died in the war against fascist Germany and noted, “it equals to an entire country, it’s a colossal trial for nation, for foundations of national life.”

“Many military experts said the enemy was so well organized, well equipped and his resources exceeded ours in every way that our victory should be considered a miracle,” the Russian Church Primate said.

He noted that nation was dripping with blood, millions of compatriots perished, but people managed to defend the capital, carry out an attack and win the victory.

Patriarch Kirill believes it shouldn’t be considered only a talent of commanders and soldiers.

He pointed out that our people suffered such great losses to redeem apostasy of the Bolshevik times.

According to the Patriarch, there were no atheists at the war, the only difference was that some knew how to make a sign of cross while others didn’t. However, all of them “rose attack with one sigh “Lord, save me, help me, protect me,” the Patriarch believes.

He stressed that if Russia combined divine and human, no one could match it.

The Patriarch thanked Moscow mayor Yury Luzkov, who prayed at the service, for his efforts to strengthen Orthodox faith as he “supports many good undertakings of the Church and thus shows an example for other city heads.” The Patriarch gave the mayor an icon of Christ the Savior wishing that it would help him “work for the welfare of the Church, Motherland and the city of Moscow.”


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