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Moscow, February 1, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia says preserving the church unity and enchurchment of Russians are his main tasks.

"Youth will become an object of our special care as young people badly need spiritual guidance. In the epoch of moral relativism, when promotion of violence and depravity steals the souls of young people, we can't seat and wait when the youth turns to Christ," the Patriarch stressed after his enthronement in the Christ the Savior Cathedral. He urged clergy to attract young people, no matter how hard it is, "people of middle and elder generation, helping them to find faith in God and meaning of life, and at the same time to realize what true human happiness is."

"The Patriarch's task is not to let factions that, according to the apostle, must be, grow in schisms, dissentions and false teachings. The Patriarch should care that every person with all individuality finds his or her place in church body, but at the same time that dissidence doesn't break love and weaken our common efforts taken to build the house of God," His Holiness Kirill stressed.


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