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Fr. Gregory Momongan Falls Asleep in the Lord

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Please pray for the repose of the soul of a Priest of the Indonesian Orthodox Church, Fr. Gregory Momongan, who fell asleep in the Lord Wednesday, February 21, at 11:30 pm local time. Fr. Gregory was hit by a truck earlier that day, and was taken to the hospital in a coma, where he reposed.

He was struck by a truck while operating his motorcycle, which he used as a taxi in downtown Manado. Fr. Daniel Byantoro–the Dean of the Indonesian Clergy and founder of the Indonesian Orthodox Church–had repeatedly asked him to stop, given the dangers of driving a motorcycle in a congested urban area, but Fr. Gregory felt he had no choice, as he had no other way to provide for his family. Once an Orthodox Christian is ordained as clergy in Indonesia, they are "marked" in that overwhelmingly Muslim society, and are not allowed the opportunities for employment and advancement that most other Indonesians enjoy.

Ordained in 2005, Fr. Gregory, 32, leaves behind his young wife Maria and year-old daughter Paskhalita, as well as his parish, St Mary the Theotokos , Manado City, North Sulawesi. Fr. Gregory was the spiritual son of Fr. Daniel Byantoro, the Founder of the Indonesian Orthodox Church, and was especially close to Fr. Daniel, caring for Fr. Daniel's dying mother for several months while Fr. Daniel was in the United States and unable to return to Indonesia.

Fr. Daniel will be traveling to Indonesia immediately, cutting short his speaking engagements in the US. There is a pressing financial need to pay outstanding hospital bills, funeral expenses, and to make some long-term provisions for Fr. Gregory's wife, Paskhalita, and infant daughter Maria.

All emergency donations will go directly to these needs, with no deduction for Friends of Indonesia expenses here in the US. This would be a wonderful opportunity to reach out to our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Indonesia, with a generous gift of love. If you're able to assist, please visit our support page and donate online. Or, if you'd prefer to send a check, please make the check payable to "Friends of Indonesia" and place "Fr. Gregory"; in the memo field. Mail to:

Friends of Indonesia
PO Box 9484
Baltimore, MD 21228

Please keep Fr. Gregory;s family and parish in your prayers, as well as Fr. Daniel, who has lost a spiritual son and close friend, and the clergy and faithful of the entire Indonesian Orthodox Church.

May the Lord have mercy on us sinners.


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