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Grand Opening of the Expanded Hope Centre

January 26th was a memorable day, which saw the many close partners of Coptic Mission, coming together in celebration of the newly expanded Hope Centre. The Hope Centre now boasts a pediatric clinic, counseling rooms, various offices and further nursing stations. Amongst the guests, conveying their respective countries’ support, were the US ambassador to Kenya, Mr Michael Ranneberger, the Kenyan minister of health, Ms Beth Mugo, the Finnish ambassador to Kenya and the acting Egyptian ambassador to Kenya, Mr Ahmed ElBakri. Also joining us on this joyful occasion was Professor King Holmes, the Dean of the University of Washington.

In their speeches, given to the attentive audience of hospital workers and members of the community, the speakers unanimously praised the Hope Centre’s work in tending to the needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS. They particularly highlighted their delight with the commitment of staff to the provision of excellent healthcare. Of further note, was their pleasure that the Hope Centre is the outcome of the collaboration between the Coptic Church and her various sympathetic organizations.
In his word of thanks, Bishop Paul emphasized that this expansion was only possible through the companionship and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Hope Centre belongs to our King and serves as His hands and feet, demonstrating His love for the people of Kenya. It is an honor to be fellow workers with God in this most recent endeavor. Please join us in praying for God’s continued guidance in all that the Coptic Mission does.


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