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Archbishop Makarios in Memorium

Cyprus Archbishop
C. Chrisostomos
V MNIMOSYNO the literary of the late

The current Literary Memorial, which is organized by the homonymous chreostikos Foundation, an event in memory and honor our great leader the late Archbishop Makarios and Ethnarchi G.

In short greeting us this is not possible to analyze the enormous task of either the multi-dimensional and polysimanti national leadership and intellectual personality. The project has so excellency the President of the Republic Mr Demetris Christofias, and whom we thank very much.

We, however, marginally, to emphasize that in the face of the great leader of the Cypriot Hellenism find the full implementation of the reasons that were said in the Greek Parliament, for another great leader of Hellenism, Eleftherios Venizelos:
«Rarely, from time to time, appear in the History of strong men, strong as Meteora, in other inspired respect and awe in others. You go to, if not enthusiastic friend of the will of the enemy is aspondos. The tug on them does not stop before death.

Exactly the same happened and is happening today in Cyprus. We have had the greatest happiness to live close to the racing experience of courage and vision for the freedom of our country, to feel very strongly miss us and look. In skeptometha continuously, because it was standard for us, and we try to look at the pulse of the soul, the fight and his works.
The others, who fought in the ... and they are seeking. But unfortunately, to pass the consequences of their unacceptable errors and their injudiciousness.

The impartial but history has the late Big Makarios among those men who appear rarely, to shape the history of life, and put the head of their people to strive for aparagrapta national and religious rights!

And that is the Makarios now lives in the minds of the people and the Greek. He lives and will live forever as the ensarkotis of Christian virtues, inspired by the charismatic leader and the bearer of the matches.
Therefore to him our people leaving the enforcement of internal thinking and the aspirations and visions of.

The personality was light and multidimensional. And the historical trend and polykymanti impression. Why had palaipsei largest empire in the face of the world, the English, whose interests needed to remain in Cyprus and scepter against Turkish expansionism, who now and more so covetous proklitikotato epivoulefetai and integrity of our country .

And were not the enemies they had pathetic domestic front, which pantoiotropos and sought to undermine the burnout and the physical disappearance of the leadership of his people.

But he remained enthusiastic fighter, forgiveness, rigid and stiff in front of the myriad problems that nychthimeron presented. With its characteristic smile fed the people with faith and optimism for the future.

With this faith and this optimism, and we let oplisoume wounded today by the national suffering souls and let us continue with the same competitive strength in the fight he began, until the island prevail and our inalienable principles of law and Human Rights.

The fight and the insistence on long Deposits He will Makarios is the best memorial.
Welcoming the event, I hope from my heart center as the main evdokisei that the vision and expectations of Archbishop Makarios and Ethnarhou Cyprus for a free, united and free of occupation troops and settlers, soon to find their fulfillment.


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