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The Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for arts and conservation in this academic year has published a textbook for a subject Conservation and restoration of icons - titled Conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas, M.Sc. Jovan Pantic. This is a third book so far in the edition Textbooks.

This is a first book of this sort on the territories on which Serbian is being spoken, and it is very significant because of renewal of the desecrated Serbian cultural and spiritual treasure. Reviewers: Prof. Dr Milka Chanak-Medic and Anika Skovran, commended the work of the author but also this school for a recognition of problems in the restoration and the preservation and an attempt of solving it.

In a review Anika Skovran sais also about the author's professional background: "One cannot neglect a fact that Jovan Pantic besides his many-years-long work as a chief of the Atelier for conservation of the National Museum in Belgrade, his gained experience conveyed to generations of students and probationers, and recently in 1992 he enriched it when he was on specialization at the High School at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, where his lecturers were world famous professors Steen Bjakrhof, Mikkel Scharff, Wieslav Mitka and others.

" She sais that "this clear and nicely written textbook on conservation is going to be,I am sure, a reliable leader and support to conservation representatives dedicated to this noble mission of preservation of cultural heritage..."

Ministry of Faith of the Government of the Republic of Serbia helped the printing of the book.


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