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Moscow House of Compatriots Provides Aid to ROCOR Parishes in Need

The Moscow House of Compatriots, founded by the Moscow City government, offers assistance to ROCOR parishes in need of holy vessels, vestments, liturgical books, and other church-related materials.

In order to apply for assistance through the Moscow House of Compatriots, please fill out this application in Russian, coordinate the text with the local Russian Embassy and send it to MHC (see application for address).

The Center of Humanitarian and Business Cooperation with Compatriots Abroad, also known as the Moscow House of Compatriots was established in 2003. The goal of the organization is the strengthening of ties between the Russian Diaspora and their historical homeland, as well as humanitarian and business cooperation with Russians living abroad. Through its various programs MHC assists compatriots in their efforts to preserve the Russian culture and language, and actively supports Russian Orthodox parishes around the world.

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