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Based on the Holy Scripture and on the teaching of the Holy Fathers and in accordance with the decisions of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Romanian Patriarchy rejects the proposals of exoneration of prostitution and incest in the bill of the new penal code being debated in the Parliament at present.

The normative documents, in general, and the penal code, in particular, are designed to protect the family institution and the values of the social life, but in this legislative bill one can see that the dignity of the person, the sacred institution of the family, and the public morality are completely ignored by the authors of the bill.

Far from resolving a serious social issue, the exoneration of prostitution will worsen the issue as slavery financially motivated, which intensifies the moral degradation of society, the proliferation of various diseases and increase of the number of divorces. As for the women trapped in this way, their physic and psychic good health, as well as social dignity, will be irremediably affected.

Incest is also a degradation of the family institution, with serious genetic and psychic disorders, as well as with difficulties in the social relations and for the recuperation of the human person with dignity.

Now, when the serious moral, social, economical and medical degradation in Romania must be stopped or at least diminished, the new proposals of exoneration of prostitution and incest are completely contrary to the life and dignity of the Romanian people.

Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchy


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