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The Patriarch of Ethiopia His Holiness Abune Paulose visited the Indian Orthodox Church from 29th to 31st December2008. His Holiness will arrive at the Trivandrum International Airport on 29 where His Holiness will be received by H.B. Paulose Mar Melithios Metropolitan and other Metropolitans of the Church. 31st of December H.H.Abuna Paulose attended the Centenary celebrations of MGOCSM at Parumala Seminary, after attending MGOCSM (-Mar gregarious Orthodox Students Movement of the Indian Orthodox Church, which completed its 100years of existence ) . His Holiness Abune Paulose alo met with His Holiness Moran Mor Marthoma Baselius Dydimos I, Supreme Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan (Catholicose of the Apostolic Throne of St Thomas). His Holiness was honored with the ‘Order of St Thomas’ which is the highest Church Award of the Indian Orthodox Church. H H Abune Paulose also visited the headquarters of the Indian Church and participated in grand dinner, also His Holiness made visit to St gregarious Mission hospital and other organizations of the Church. His Holiness Abune Paulose was given a grant reception at St Mary’s Church, Niranam, one of the original Churches established by St Thomas the Apostle. His Holiness Abune and the delegates from Ethiopian Orthodox Church left on 31st December 2008.

Source: Orthodoxy Beyond Limits News Service


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